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    Under Wailua falls

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    under water life is amazing.

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    While en route to Moloka’i, the view of Oahu is jaw dropping.


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    Photographer Jeff Divine captures a group of surfers in awe of the North Shore in all its glory. 

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    repost since I don’t know where it went haha

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      Gleb Goloubetski

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      Gustav Klimt - Medicine (composition draft) (1897-98)

  10. lifeunderthewaves:

    Crucifixion by dylankotze8 A giant hammerhead hangs lifeless as its predator bails water from his small wooden fishing vessel in Mozambique.

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    Catch The Dream by willyam Willyam Bradberry © Vitaliy Sokol
    more dolphins: http://ift.tt/1cevm8I

    Red sea, diving with wild dolphins
    model: A Mystery
    photographer: Vitaliy Sokol (WB)

    Thx for watching

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    conch girl by darrennina my daughter Abbie

  14. gold-ens:

    Sommaren med Monika, 1953

    One of my all time favourite gifs

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    Iracema - 1881

    José Maria Medeiros

    Museu Nacional de Belas Artes

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