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    "It’s about 4 o’clock on a Thursday, and a caftan-bedecked Karlie Kloss is perched on the edge of a gigantic, fuming volcano crater, her bare legs and feet dangling into the hazy void.
    'Make it look more adventurous,' calls out Ryan McGinley, the photographer snapping her from an equally precarious spot on a nearby outcropping of rock.
    'It’s pretty damn adventurous,' Kloss yells back.”

    Karlie Kloss at Masaya Volcano National Park by Ryan McGinley for T, The New York Times Style Magazine 

    i reblog this everytime just for the caption oops

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    This tiger cub wants to play with a little boy in a tiger costume!


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    TILDA & GANG. This one is probably one of my favourite off duty model photos. via: AnOther Mag: Catwalk girls travelling by train from Milan to Paris. Maria Bradley, Julia NobisAlana ZimmerKasia StrussTilda Lindstam, Hanne Gaby, Irina Nikolaeva and Carla Ciffoni, taking photographs for AnOther on the way. 


    Gang goals

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    Model - Joanna Halpin. Photographer - Brydie Mack.

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    Model - Joanna Halpin. Photographer - Brydie Mack.

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    Model - Eva Downey. Photographer - Akila Berjaoui.

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    Model - Ruth Willmer. Photographer - David Genat. Source.

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    topless under water yara Khmidan 

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  14. "I think perfection is ugly. I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion."
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  15. Ola Rudnicka

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